The prizes of the third edizion of 7(50) In Condotta for the
first absolute ten times of the males and of the females, are the following:

1st Classified        400 €    +     Trophy

2nd Classified        250 €    +     Trophy

3rd Classified        150 €    +     Trophy

4th Classified        100 €

5th Classified          80 €

6th Classified          70 €

7th Classified         60 €

8th Classified          50 €

9th Classified          40 €

10th Classified       30 €

There will also be rich prizes for the categories (which cannot be merged with the prizes for the absolute categories).

The youngest, the oldest and the athlet who is coming the farther away will  receive a special prize.

A bonus will added to the prize in case of the track record!

A nice race pack is ensured to the first 230 people partecipating!