• The event is open to all adult Italian athletes with a medical examination of fitness for sporting athletics valid on the day of the race. A copy of the eligibility certificate must be uploaded to the site in the case of online registration, accompanied by the registration form in case of registration in a Sportland office or taken to the collection of bibs if not provided in the previous cases. Foreign athletes are required to deliver the document (Doc. 001) attached to this regulation, completed in its entirety.

• Registration opens on Saturday 6 April 2019 at 12.00 and closes on 29 August 2019. You can register online at: or by filling in the appropriate form available at the Sportland offices Pisogne and Sonico (only from 1 July) Upon reaching 250 competitors it will no longer be possible to register.

• The registration fee is 15 € until 15 April, 18 € from 16 to 30 April, 20 € from 1 to 31 May, 22 € from 1 to 30 June, 25 € from 1 to 31 July, 27 € from 1 to 15 August 30 € from 16 to 29 and entitles to packet race, timing, personalized bib, assistance service, refreshment on arrival and final refreshment after the race.

Registration is strictly personal and cannot be transferred to third parties under any circumstances without prior authorization from the organizing committee and in any case no later than August 29th. The cost – secretarial support – for bib change is € 5.

• Reimbursement of the registration fee is not foreseen.

• The meeting is at 11.00 am at the departure area in Malegno (BS) in Via Maffeo Gheza, at the Enel plant.

• The start of the first competitor will take place at 13.00 with the female category following the order established by the organizers; at the end of the female category the male category will follow, always in order established by the organizers; the interval between a competitor and the next one will be 45 ″. The “Top” categories for women and men will start last, with a range of 60 “competitors

• In order to guarantee the safety and regularity of the event, the organization will be able to establish different intervals between the athletes that will be communicated by August 30th 2019.

• It will be possible to consult the complete list of members with departure times starting at 10 am on 30 August 2019 on the website: and on the Facebook page of the event.

• Those who do not show up at the scheduled time for their departure will be excluded from the competition.

• The timing will be performed by Mysdam using technology based on the use of “chips”. Information and conditions on the use of the chips are published on the Mysdam website. Failure or incorrect use of the chip will result in the non-inclusion in the ranking and the non-attribution of the time taken. Failure to return the chip will result in a € 25 charge.

• The bib must be worn on the chest or on the stomach and must always be visible in its entirety during the entire race. It must therefore be positioned above all clothing and in no case fixed elsewhere.

• It is forbidden to * run outside the steps, use sticks and ear muffs.

• It is obligatory * for each competitor to be reached by another that asks for a road, to stop on the left of the steps, to stick with one hand to the steel guideline and to let pass before resuming the race.

• For those who decide to withdraw from the competition, it will be possible to take advantage of the escape routes that will be prepared. The exit must take place to the right of the route with the help of rescue personnel.

• The first 10 ranked men and the first 10 absolute women will be awarded. The amount of the prizes, and the possible awarding of special or category awards will be specified on the website of the event in the “Jackpot” section.

• The race will be disputed in any weather condition **.

• Participation in the tender called “Vallecamonica Vertical 7 (50) in Condotta” implies acceptance by all registered competitors in all its parts and without reservations. By registering, each competitor agrees to comply with these Rules and frees the organizers from any civil or criminal liability for any accident or accident, for damage to persons or things derived from him or caused by himself, which may occur during the event. The tender will take place in accordance with this regulation.

• Any modification, integration, or new communication published on the official website of the event is to be considered an integral part of this regulation.

• IMAGE RIGHTS: Each competitor expressly renounces to make use of the rights to the image during the test as well as renouncing any appeal against the organization and its authorized partners, for the use made of its image.

• DECLARATION OF RESPONSIBILITY: By registering for the second edition of the Vallecamonica Vertical 7 (50) in Condotta, the participant declares to be aware of accepting this regulation and any changes made. It also exempts the organizers from any liability, both civil and criminal, for damage to persons and / or things caused by him or to him.


* Penalty disqualification.

** The organizing committee reserves the right to modify-suspend-cancel the event in case of particularly adverse weather conditions that could compromise the safety of athletes, public or volunteers.

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